We released new application Beach Data 2.0, but you can still access all your old data here.

Beach Data

Contact & Support

Do you need help? It would be my pleasure to answer to any product related questions. The product support is available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm Central European Time (CET).


Technical information

Does BeachData only work on tablets or can I also use a smartphone or phablet?

BeachData is intended for use on a tablet with at least a 7” display. You can record the match on a phablet but the statistics may be too small to read. You can also install the app on some types of smartphones but we do not recommend it because many of the features will be unusable.

Is the app available for both iOS and Android? What about a Windows phone?

The app is available for both iOS and Android but there are currently no plans for a Windows phone version.

What are the system requirements for the app to run smoothly on my tablet? Is a certain type of graphic card necessary?

BeachData is optimized to run smoothly on all newer tablets that have at least a two core processor.

I don´t have a lot of space available on my tablet. How much capacity does BeachData require?

BeachData will not use much of your tablet’s memory. It takes up only about 22,5 MB of your drive. Each match recorded will take about 2MB - assuming you save 2 or 3 voice memos. For example, you can record up to 500 matches with voice memos or thousands of matches without them and only fill up 1GB of memory.

Account and teams

Can I try BeachData for free first?

Yes, you can. Once the app is downloaded to your tablet, it is necessary to create an account at www.beach-data.com. After you receive a confirmation email you can immediately try the app and see for yourself how it will help you analyze your team’s performance. At this time you will only have access to the one match version though, for the unlimited version of BeachData you will have to activate your subscription at www.beach-data.com.

Should I choose the Team or Group account?

Choosing the right account depends on how many players you train, how many assistants you have and how many devices you would like to use to record matches. The Team account offers a license for you, one assistant (which means you can record on two tablets) and one team (2 players). The Group account will allow you to have five assistants (recording on 6 tablets) and three teams (6 players). .

The Team and Group accounts do not suit my needs, is there another option?

If you have specific requirements which are not covered by these two accounts, please contact us, describe your needs and we will be glad to prepare a customized plan for you. support@beach-data.com

Why do I have to enter two players as members of my team?

It will make your life much easier. When you start to record a match, the app will automatically fill in your players, but of course you can change them if you want.

I started coaching a new team. Is there an option to change my team in BeachData?

Yes, you can change one player or the whole team. To make these changes go to your Team Card - http://www.beach-data.com/restricted/team-card. This change will not affect the data you already have in the app about your first team.

Using the app

Do I have to be online while recording the match?

You do not have to be online. A match can be recorded without an internet connection. BeachData will automatically synchronize the recorded match the next time you have an internet connection.

internet connection. How do I use the app? Is it complicated?

You don’t have to worry about memorizing any codes or shortcuts. Recording the match is very intuitive, you just move the player’s icons. To start, just enter some basic information about the match - name of tournament and player’s names - and then you are automatically in recording mode. The whole court is divided into zones where you simply move the player’s icons and select the place where the ball lands.To record you start by selecting the player who is serving and then move the other player’s icons so that they correspond to the player’s locations on the court. After one round of game, the app will automatically place the players in the positions they were in last time, keep track of the order of players, technical time outs, etc.

How to record a match:

  1. move the icon of the serving player to the location he/she is serving from and place the other player’s icons so that they correspond to where the players are on the court
  2. press the SERVE button
  3. hold the icon of the receiving player and move it to the place where they received the serve. The pop-up window RECEIVE will automatically show up and you can choose the quality of the receive (“+” means perfect receive, “-” means bad receive when the ball is still in the game and “fail” means bad receive and a point for the opponent)
  4. the window SET will pop up after you select the type of receive. This window allows you to choose the quality of the set (good, bad or a return without passing)
  5. now you only need to watch the final hit. Click on the player who makes the last hit and move their icon to where the play was made. Then click on the zone where the ball landed. Another window will pop up automatically and you can choose the type of the final hit.
  6. If the serve was an ace just click directly on the place it landed and the system will automatically record the point
  7. If the final hit is a block then mark the blocking player as the player who made the final hit and click on the zone where the ball touched the court, whether it’s on the opposing side, your side or out of bounds. After that just click on BLOCK and select the position of the attacking player.

How do I record an exchange when the ball crosses the net more than once? That must be impossible!

You do not have to track every time the ball is touched, only the final hit. During the game you just record the serve, receive and passes then wait for the final hit. You record the final hit and then confirm it with the OK button. That’s it, nothing to worry about! After one set you will be able to record a match without thinking..

How do I record errors, e.g. when a player touches the net?

There are actually two options. You can click on the WHISTLE icon which indicates that the referee made a call. This will allow you to mark the player and indicate what type of error was made or the card received. The second option is to click on the player who made the mistake and then click on the zone where the ball landed. Select from the menu the type of hit as FAULT and that will take you directly to the referee dialog window.

I made a mistake and recorded an exchange incorrectly. Is there a way to fix it?

Yes. For these situations there is a Back function. This function allows you to go back through already recorded exchanges. However, you should be aware that there is no Forward function, so once you go back you will have to record all the exchanges again.

How do I record an attack that ends with the ball in the net?

It’s very simple, you just have to drag the offensive player to the place where he attacked and click on the button NET, then mark the exact place on the net where the play ended. Now you just choose the type of the hit, for example CUT, if player was trying to make a cut shot and the ball landed in the net.

How do I record a voice memo? How can I listen to it later?

If you have an idea or thought during the game that you would like to remember or tell the the players later, you don’t need a pen and paper. Simply press and hold the microphone icon, record your memo and then release the icon. When you review the match using Replay mode the microphone icon will appear at the point during the exchange when you made the memo and you can listen to it then.

What if a team takes a timeout or interrupts the match?

We have thought about these cases too. Simply click on the button TIME OUT or MEDICAL and choose the responsible team. If the referee stops the match click the whistle icon, this will take you to the referee dialog window, then select the tab INTERRUPTION.

What if I want to enter a player or tournament that isn’t included in the database?

The database of over 2,000 players is regularly updated, but if you find that a player or tournament is missing while you are trying to record a match you can simply enter it yourself and we’ll update our database for future matches.


Where can I find the match statistics?

There are statistics available for all the matches you’ve recorded. To access them click the ANALYZE button on the main screen. This will show you a listing of all your matches. You can also search using filters located at the top of the screen. Click on the selected match and it will take you directly to the statistics.

While recording a match you can look at current, up-to-date statistics of the game at anytime, just click the STATS/REC button which allows you to easily switch between the match recording and statistics.

What can I find in the statistics?

To put it simply, all of the essential match statistics. In addition to basic information such as the place and date of the match, you will find all of the important information from the match: services, receives, attacks, blocks, side-outs and unforced errors.

by clicking on specific player you will see that player's individual statistics, by clicking on the flag you can choose the whole team. Also, you can analyze statistics from each set.

there are detailed statistics of all the plays on other tabs - serves, receives, attacks, blocks and side-outs. Once again you can choose specific players or teams, specific types of hits, serving or receiving players etc.

How are the individual actions evaluated?

successful serve - a serve that scores a point, whether it’s an ace or just wasn’t returned by the opposing team, is labeled with a green arrow

successful receive - perfect receptions that you mark with a “+” are labeled with a green dot. A blue dot means a bad reception, but the ball did remain in play. A red dot indicates that a point was scored because of poor reception.

block - only the final blocks are recorded. A successful block is labeled with a green dot and an unsuccessful block with a red dot. The position of the dot indicates the position of the blocking player.

attack - successful attacks are labeled with green arrows, unsuccessful by red arrows. If the arrows starts with green dot, the play was made with a good pass, if it starts with a red dot, it was made from a bad pass. If there is no dot, it wasn’t possible to evaluate the pass.

Data, synchronization and sharing

What happens if I lose my internet connection during data synchronization?

You don’t have to worry about losing your data. The next time you connect to the internet the system automatically detects the amount of data already transferred and will upload the remainder.

What should I do if I lose my tablet?

You just have to connect to www.beach-data.com, log into your account and change your password. Then your data is safe and no one else can see it. Then your only option is to buy a new tablet, install the BeachData app again and then log in with your email and new password. All your data will be right back.

Who else can see the matches that I record?

It depends on the type of license you choose. With the Team license you and your assistant can see the data. If you have the Group license, you and your 5 assistants will have access. Nobody else can see your data.